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20 maggio 2017

Edoardo e Yao

Edoardo and Yao-9

Edoardo and Yao-3

Edoardo and Yao-10

Edoardo and Yao-13

Edoardo and Yao emailed us as soon as their weekend wedding festivities were over just to make sure that we had a good time and enjoyed ourselves. That’s just how they are. They are welcoming, caring and so very kind.

Edoardo and Yao live in China and their family and friends came from around the world to celebrate with them!

If you spent some time with these two you would understand why people would travel across the world for them! They are one amazing couple that had an incredible wedding day! I loved every minute of it!
The mass was so touching and love full with lot of tears and big smiles!

Enjoy some of my favorites from their big day. Enjoy!!!

Edoardo and Yao-11

Edoardo and Yao-12

Edoardo and Yao-7

Edoardo and Yao-14

Edoardo and Yao-15

Edoardo and Yao-17

Edoardo and Yao-18

Edoardo and Yao-19

Edoardo and Yao-20

Edoardo and Yao-21

Edoardo and Yao-22

Edoardo and Yao-23

Edoardo and Yao-26

Edoardo and Yao-27

Edoardo and Yao-8

Edoardo and Yao-1

Edoardo and Yao-5

Edoardo and Yao-4

"So grateful for these two Shanghai lovebirds whom I married recently in Perugia. Edoardo and Yao, whenever I need to be reminded of the goodness of our heavenly Father and the wisdom of his plans, I think of the radiance of your smiles on your wedding day and the pure beauty of your little princess. Thank you and God bless you always!"

Father Andrew

Edoardo and Yao - Wedding in Perugia

Chiesa S.Ferdinando

16 maggio 2017

Beatrice and Umberto – Love session

Beatrice e Umberto-19

Beatrice e Umberto-1

Beatrice e Umberto-34

Beatrice e Umberto-12

The kind of people that make you feel comfortable as soon as you’re around them? Well yesterday, we met an amazing couple named Beatrice and Umberto who had those qualities. 

Beatrice emailed me and mentioned that she had an idea for a couple session location around her home area and I was all ears! We’re used to spending hours on the road for engagements and this option would be just 15 minutes down the road!! What a dream! Well, it was exactly that. Beatrice and Umberto led us to a small country church near Bettona and it was a perfect location! This is the church where Bea’s parents got married! The olive trees, the small building, the sunset!


Their energy and love for one another is contagious and I had to laugh because they showed up saying that they were going to need a lot of help in the “posing” department! You don’t have to look very far into this post to see that that is simply not the case!! They are incredible models! 


We always ask our couples initial questions when they inquire just to get to know them and it’s always fun to read their responses and then actually get to know them in real life! 


After seeing these two together in person, it’s easy to see that Umberto loves to make her happy. They laugh so much and interact so easily and their love shows through in their images so genuinely. 


So enjoy some of our MANY favorites from this shoot! We seriously lucked out with locations AND light! It was a dream shoot! Enjoy!!! 

Beatrice e Umberto-3

Beatrice e Umberto-5

Beatrice e Umberto-10

Beatrice e Umberto-21

Beatrice e Umberto-8

Beatrice e Umberto-20

Beatrice e Umberto-13

Beatrice e Umberto-32

Beatrice e Umberto-31

Beatrice e Umberto-25

Beatrice e Umberto-17

Beatrice e Umberto-29

Beatrice e Umberto-28

Beatrice e Umberto-35

Beatrice and Umberto - Love session in Umbria

13 maggio 2017

Giulia e Marco

Giulia e Marco-30




Today is the day I realized that I’ve been blogging a LONG time but last weekend we had an amazing wedding!

Ever since their engagement session, I have been thinking about this wedding and all that Giulia was planning. She shared some ideas with me and I knew it was going to be beautiful but I had NO idea how AWESOME their theme would be!!!

In a world of pastel flowers, Giulia chose Yellow, and I love her for it! This one choice made such a happy statement throughout her wedding day!!  These two (along with the help of Cristina) did an incredible job planning their day! We’ve been waiting for their wedding day for well over a year, and I can’t believe it has come and gone already!! It was just as wonderful as I envisioned that it would be!!

Giulia e Marco had a traditional catholic mass at one of the most gorgeous church in Perugia! The sky was clear, the weather was perfect!

Giulia e Marco were so relaxed, and we could tell that they just trusted us to do what we needed to do to get beautiful images. That’s such a gift for a photographer! I loved working with these two and so did Daniel!

We love them! We can’t explain how thankful we are for couples who love us as much as we love them! It’s the greatest blessing of our job!












Tempio Sant'Angelo - Perugia - Giulia e Marco














Bride dress : Jenny Packham

Make Up: Lucia Zarro

Flower: Cristina Faluomi

Church: Tempio di Sant'Angelo - Perugia


12 maggio 2017

People centred photography – Working with purpose

In this moment of our life we are thinking about our business. This year we invested so much time and money and passion in our business. We are very grateful for what we can do. We can share one of the happiest days in a couple’s life! we measure our success in how much satisfy we are in what we do. For us success is to be able to serve our clients and love people well and bring joy in the people life through photography.

people photography

We are people centred photographers because we love our couple.  We think that people came in our life for a very specific reason and our goal is to care for them.

16 aprile 2017

Easter 2017

easter 2017