I giorni delle rose 2017


Last week we were in Spello at I Giorni delle Rose 2017. This is the best flower show in our area. This is a three day floral event devoted to roses conceived by Perugia Garden club and Terni Garden club in collaboration with the Province of Perugia.

The event is held in the fabulous frame of Villa Fidelia - Spello.


Villa Fidelia is a marvellous italian villa immersed in the greenery of its elegant park, flooded with roses for this occasion.

In this scenario, rich in charm and history, it is a tribute to rose not only as a queen of flowers, but also as a protagonist of art, culture, fashion and craftsmanship.


villa fiderai spello

I love gardening and I have a massive roses collection.

I prefer antique roses like David Austin rose.

david austin roses

david austin

rose spello

rose villa fidelia

Vibrant colours and sweet fragrances.

villa fidelia spello

At the event you can find animals too.

i giorni delle rose


Giorni delle Rose cane

Giorni delle Rose-28

Giorni delle Rose-30

Daniel & Valentina

I had a pretty hat with flowers

Giorni delle Rose team

Thanks to our friends who shared with us this beautiful experience!

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