Wedding Cake Topper

Every bride wants everything to be perfect, however sometimes it is believed that

wedding cake topper

is just a little thing.

Your wedding cake is the centerpiece of your reception and a cake topper is the perfect finish for all types of wedding cakes.

Choose your perfect cake topper is a fabulous opportunity to showcase your personal style.

heart cake topper

Wedding cakes have had toppers for hundreds of years, but how the tradition started is a subject cloaked in mystery.

The most popular theory is that a baker in the 17th century was commissioned by his daughter to create a symbol of her devoted love to her husband-to-be. The baker then crafted ornately carved figures of his daughter and her groom and placed them on top of the cake.  And there you have it… the traditional cake topper was born.

Here are some tips to deciding on the perfect

cake topper

for your big day! Here are some tips to deciding on the perfect cake topper for your big day! Here are some tips to deciding on the perfect cake topper for your big day!

Modern or traditional?
Maybe you want something modern like words but you can be timeless too with monogram. If you like traditional figurines but you prefer something more trendy you can opt for a simple silhouette wedding cake topper. Only opt for something you love because it’s YOU – not just because everyone else loves it.
figurine cake topper

For brides and grooms who love tradition typically top if off with a classic bride figurine in a white dress beside the groom in a black tuxedo. But to add sentimental value to this part of your ceremony or reception, you can use a parent’s cake topper and keep it as a family heirloom
fruit top

Maybe your whole wedding is inspired by a color or a theme. Why don’t you choose something that reminds this?
monogram cake topper

If you want some fun with your cake you have lots of ideas from internet. From a bride with her groom on the end of a fishing pole, to a football tackle scene, the comedic options are practically endless! Bride and groom puzzle pieces, animals, custom carvings of the bride and groom, and even comic book characters are popular choices.
silhouette cake topper

Fresh topper
Some brides opt for a little fresh bouquet or some seasonally fruits.
flower cake topper

Some brides are opting to let go of the concept of a cake topper completely in favor of a clean, open cake top.

A Note
There are lots of options available today. Keeping in mind that if you are considering purchasing it on internet, keep in mind the colors, size and shape you need. However there are some other important factors to take into consideration. Porcelain, lead free paint, attention to detail, shipping charges, and returns policy should be high priority when choosing your perfect cake centerpiece.

If you purchasing it in a traditional bakery shop, your baker can provide additional guidance and will need to know your choice to plan the cake properly. Some toppers are heavy and require special support in the cake.
If you want to show it after your big day keep in mind that you’ll have to purchase a base for it or just be sure to buy a cake topper with one already “built in.”

wedding cake

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