Wedding invitation suite

Celebrate the art of letter writing with our custom invitations. 

Choose a style that suits your personal taste, from classic to modern. 

Then add your personal touch!

You can buy our wedding stationery and print by yourself.

Keeping the invitation process stress-free! Choose your style, your colors and it’s done!

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grafic wedding invitations


Your wedding invitations are often the first thing your guests will see. 

It should represent your taste and the mood of your wedding day. 

We can help you to planning your dream wedding stationary.

tartan wedding invitations suite

Will your wedding be a classic event or is it more easy day? 

Think about your style, your wedding location, your dress, flowers or even selected your color palette… 

All of these details can inspire your wedding stationary.  

If you don’t have all this informations start researching on our site to identify a few you might like to work with. Found a stationer you like?

save the date

save the date

First of all: get inspired!

Save all the images you love on your computer, clipping things out of magazines, or creating a Pinterest board specifically for invitation ideas.

Don’t just collect examples of invitations – think about colors, textures, ribbons, flowers, anything that might inspire you.

Save the Date is a great opportunity to do a less formal version of your invitation and is a great way to give everyone on your list a heads up on your plans.

For your destination wedding, a Save the Date is a must to give your guests time to plan their accommodations and travels.

You can mail or send a digital Save the date.

wedding savethedate

Wedding invitations timeline

Start thinking about your invitations as early as possible in your wedding planning process. Last-minute invitations would not be fun.

Six months in advance

If you’re mailing a Save the Date for a destination wedding, this is the time to get those in the mail. 

If you’re working with a local print shop, this is a great time to schedule an appointment to review. 

If you’re working with an online stationer order a few samples to get an idea of the products and papers.

It’s best ordering invitations 3 months in advance for local weddings and 6 months in advance

for destination wedding.



Normally it’s best to send out invitations 6 to 8 weeks before the wedding. If it’s a destination wedding, at least 3 months ahead is the standard. 

Don’t forget the time for assembly the invitations! This could be as simple as putting the invitations in the envelopes and adding postage to the envelopes.

thank you card

After the honeymoon, it’s time to send out thank you notes to guests. If you like, you can keep your thank you notes in the same theme as your invitations.

What information do you need to have on your wedding invitation?

Your invitation wording style should match the tone of your wedding ceremony. Will your wedding be traditional, formal, casual, fun, modern? 

modern invitations

What to Include

The information you’ll want to include will generally be in the order listed below:

Who’s Hosting

This is typically the very first thing listed on the invitation. It may be the parents of the bride, parents of the groom, the couple, or the couple with their families.

Names of the Couple

The bride’s name is always listed before the groom’s. For two brides or two grooms, you can defer to alphabetical order or whatever looks best in the design.

Date and Time

For traditional invitations, you’ll spell out dates and times in full (two thousand sixteen NOT 2016 and four o’clock not 4:00). 

However, occasionally a design will call for bold, modern typography that calls out the dates in numbers rather than words.


This includes the full venue name, with the city and state. 

Dress Code

You don’t have to list a dress code, but this can be a very helpful guide for your guests, and is absolutely required if your ceremony is black tie. 

Post-ceremony details

Think about what your guests need to know about the reception or any other post-ceremony festivities. A standard one would be, “Reception immediately following / Venue name.” 

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